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How lucky am I to now have neighbors to call friends?! Lindsay and Dave are one of the most down to earth couples I have met in my life and we get to hang out all the time now that we all moved to the same street. I was so honored when they asked me to take their engagement photos but also a little nervous since they know where I live! Kidding, kidding… I loved strolling San Juan with them and even finding a little photo spot while we waited for our lattes from Starbucks. Their wedding is taking place in a venue in San Juan so this was the perfect backdrop for these photos, and I even got a sneak peek inside that venue. It is beautiful of course! Their relationship shines through these images and I think you can see that they were made for each other. These two and their daughter Brooklyn are the best and I am counting the days until their¬†wedding!!

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Melinda and Maddie are total Disney chicks and we have been wanting to shoot together at the parks for awhile! So we were so happy when the stars finally aligned and we got to hang out at our park together!

These girls are some of my favorites and I have been taking photos of Maddie since she was six months old! She has grown into a fiery, sweet little girl who absolutely adores her mom and likes Disneyland a little bit too! Decked out in cute streetwear and my own personal choice of shoe we took down mainstream and made some memories! The crowds were peaking and the sun was hot but it didn’t matter to them and we had such a blast. And then we ended with a much deserved nap!

Thank you so much again Melinda! Can’t wait to do it again!



We just figured out the other day that I have had a continuous Disneyland Resort Pass for 15 years. That’s a lot of Disney trips! So when you have a family who loves it and knows it just as well as you do…you just click!

That is what happened with the Woodske Family. They are a complete Disney fam with two little princesses. They were so amazing to work with on what seemed like the busiest day at the resort and just rolled with the punches! The girls were so excited to be in the park and were running around taking it all in. They loved fantasy land and that particular land just fit with their whole family! Especially their carousel ride…so much love and fun.

I really do love my Disney sessions. Even after going all these years there is just something about it that feels like home. And I can definitely say that the Woodske’s feel the same way!



When you move to a different city it is so exciting! New places to see and new places to go. And then sometimes you go back. Back to your stomping grounds that you know like the back of your hand and in this case back to the beach where you went as a child and then brought your children.

The Cabrera Family brought me back “home” and we met as the sun was setting for their yearly family session. The Cabrera’s are always so funny and east to photograph. They crack each other up and aren’t afraid to walk in the ocean in December or climb up a lifeguard tower just for a cool image! And although I was finishing the flu that attacked everyone I left feeling happy and uplifted just by hanging out with the Cabrera Family for thirty minutes!



When the holidays hit Main Street in November it makes me very very happy! The atmosphere is a little happier and every corner is adorned with beautiful decor! It is also when our parks get a few more out of towners and i’m just the lucky one that gets to document their memories!

The Steele Family is from New Mexico and was visiting for the holiday season. And how stunning are they!?! The prettiest family I ever did meet! They were so polished and pristine and Lilly and Paige were complete dolls! I die over their matching outfits and little flats! Jamie and Andrew were so awesome and I am so glad that I got to get some images of just the two of them together. This was the day that ABC was filming the Christmas parade so the crowds were insane but the Steele’s were so amazing that we didn’t even notice how busy it really was that day!

Thank you so much Jamie, Andrew, Lilly and Paige!